We Use Printing In Edmonton

We Use Printing In Edmonton

We Use Printing In Edmonton

This is the very busiest time for us at our senior citizen’s center. Without printing in Edmonton, nobody would know what as going on!

Printing In Edmonton

I was elected secretary of our group last year and part of my responsibility is to get the word out to everybody on our list of what’s going on. At first, I thought I could email everybody the information because I’m very computer savvy.

However, there are too many in our group who don’t even have a computer and I wouldn’t even consider doing a telephone call. Right away I decided that I would use printing in Edmonton and that has been one of my better decisions.

We usually just do black and white printing because it saves us money. However, I did a great Thanksgiving theme memo to invite everybody to the annual pot luck dinner on the Sunday after Thanksgiving and I’ve done another color announcement for our Christmas party.

Printing in Edmonton has done a superb job of making the copies for us and we even get a senior discount, so the copies are very affordable.

I also used printing in Edmonton for my own personal Christmas letter and for the return address labels. I saved valuable time on those!

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