Facebook 101: The History and a Little Bit about the Site

Facebook 101: The History and a Little Bit about the Site

Facebook 101: The History and a Little Bit about the Site

Chances are you’ve heard of Facebook. Even better chances are that you have a Facebook account and log in more than once a day. Statistics show that people with Facebook accounts, log on 14 times a day!

Facebook 101: The History and a Little Bit about the Site

Just in case you’re not quite sure what a Facebook account is we can clue you in a little bit! Facebook is a social networking website, which requires registration. Once registration is complete, you can “like,” “follow,” and “friend” different companies, coworkers, family members, and friends. Facebook has different amenities, such as picture and video uploads, games, and chat.

Facebook has a fascinating history and an incredibly future impact on our different technologies and time spent with them. Facebook was launched in February of 2004, and at its beginning, Facebook was called “Thefacebook.” In fact, the beginning of Facebook was somewhat of an accident and a close call for expulsion.

Mark Zuckerberg, the co-creator of Facebook, created a website called “Facemash” in 2003 while he was in his sophomore year at Harvard University. Even though Facemash became incredibly popular very quickly with 22,000 photo views within the first few hours of being online, Harvard University chose to shut down Facemash, and Mark Zuckerberg faced expulsion.

But thankfully the charges were dropped, and the path towards Facebook was commenced. Mark Zuckerburg began writing code for the website in 2004, and a short time later, Thefacebook was launched.

At first, Thefacebook was only available to college students with a Harvard email address. Soon, Facebook was expanded and began to be available to other Ivy League schools, such as Stanford, Yale, New York University, and MIT.

Obviously since then Facebook has expanded its user audience and become available to anyone who has an email address, regardless of where they attend or attended college.

Facebook shot up like a growing toddler and continues to expand rapidly to this day. In March of 2010, it was reported that more people visited Facebook than Google. In March 2013, Facebook had 1.11 billion members registered with a Facebook account.

Currently Facebook is available in seventy different languages and has almost five thousand employees to keep the website running smoothly. Facebook plans to continue its technological advancements as it grows through social media and smart phone uses.

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