Let’s face it, computers are complicated. There was I time when even I was perplexed by them. But, seeing as my name is Hubert, it was clear early on that I was going to delve pretty deeply into technology.

I have come out clean on the other side, and now I relish in all things computer-related, technology-based, and interfaced. However, I can’t help but look back at my former self and wonder how I ever became what I am today. It is this thought that has led me to create this site, and offer my services to those who wish to travel down the same path that I once did.

Please, whether you are trying to build your own computer from scratch, build a website, or even locate a misplaced file you will have come to the right place, if you have come here. I know that I might seem like a real genius now, but there was a time when struggled with typing my name, so I will not judge anyone no matter what their problem seems to be.

I will post on a wide range of topics so that this is a site for everyone interested in computers and technology.