13 Strange Canadian Laws you never knew Existed

13 Strange Canadian Laws you never knew Existed

13 Strange Canadian Laws you never knew Existed

A Canadian is a Canadian citizen or a person of Canada origin if a person belongs or born into Canada, then the person called Canadian. Ottawa is the capital of Canada, and it’s costly to live there.

There are some strange Laws in Canada that Canadian must have to follow. We are fortunate that we Live in such a country that allows us to do so many things compared to other countries. You must have to know all this law before you visit Canada.    

1. Illegal to melt Snow or ice with drinking water

It’s illegal If you melt the Snow or ice with water in Canada. They also fine $100 to $300 for a first offense. And it’s such a weirdest Law ever. 

2. Illegal to paint a wooden ladder in Alberta

You cannot paint a wooden leader in the province of Alberta. The law appeared in the 2009 safety code and was to ensure you can tell the condition of such a ladder. They will preserve it with a transparent protective coating according to the code. Because painting a ladder will make it incredibly unsafe to use. 

3. Illegal to swear in public in Canada (Toronto park)

That’s True if you Swear in public when u are in Canada (Toronto park) police Officers can arrest you because it’s against the law. And you might get punished to pay $200. So be careful when you are in Toronto park.

4. Illegal to pay too much change.

Many times we pay Coins instead of cash Because It’s not illegal. But if you are in Canada, you might get Punished for paying too much coin for goods and services. There are some limits on how many coins you can use in one transaction. So before you go to Canada, you should know about this.

5. Illegal to whistle in Petrolia, Ontario.

According to the law Shout, Whistle, singing, and hoot at all times, it’s illegal. There is a limit to unnecessary noise from 11 p.m. to 7 a.m., and if you people want to do a party at night, then you can’t, and if you do, you might get arrested or face some fine.  

6. Against the law to climb a tree In Toronto.

People can’t climb, Move or remove the whole or any parts of trees without a permit. An if anybody did, then they have to pay $365 as a fine. So keep in mind if you are in Toronto, then don’t try to climb on trees.  

7. Do not try to scare the Queen in Canada.

You will get arrested to scare the queen. The law made for Especially for queen protection prohibited acts” section in s. 49 of the Criminal Code of Canada. A person from frightening her or commit any other action that could “alarm” her. Which consider as a serious offense under the code that’s the person might face 14 years in a prisoner.

8. Taxi drivers can’t wear a T-Shirt in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

There is a standard for the dress code for the taxi driver in Halifax. The rules state that taxi drivers must wear shoes and shocks n keep themselves neat n clean and always wear tidy clothes.  

9. You can’t just jump into the lake in Toronto.

You can’t swim anywhere in Toronto, and if you do, it’s against the law. The law mead to protect the great lakes, which prohibits pollution or habitat destruction by making it easier for government bodies to protect the lakes.

10. If you don’t pay your hotel bill in Ontario, the hotel can legally sell your horse.

 According to the innkeepers’ act of 1990, If guests don’t pay the hotel bill in Ontario, then boarding-stable keeper has the right to sell your horse. Guests should avoid paying the bill for two weeks. And if you don’t have a horse they can sell your goods if you don’t pay the bill upto three months. So don’t forget to pay the bill if you in Ontario.

11. It’s illegal to build big snowmen in Souris, P.E.I.

When Snow started falling, People visit Souris, P.E.I., for plying with a Snow. But it’s illegal to make a big snowman in Souris. You can only make 30 inches of snowman or two and a half feet to be legal.  

12. Illegal to own a pet rat in Alberta.

If you are living in Alberta, you can not keep a rat as a pet. Since the 1950s, If you keep rats as pets, it will fine you up to $5000. because rats can spread disease, that’s why it’s illegal to have a rat as a pet in Alberta. 

13. Smoking Marijuana is legal in Canada.

Yes, its legal to smoke Weed (Marijuana) in Canada. It sounds quite weird that Canada does allow us to buy and sell marijuana to smoke. You can quickly get pot in Canada, and it’s no longer illegal. But they have some rules for buying you need to be at least legal age. And you can only purchase a maximum of 30gm.

Canada people stared using spiral glass blunt because of its alternative of paper. It’s small glass pipes which are easy to use. People love this product because you need to load the pipe once with the desired amount of your favorite herbs and light up. You can use Glass blunt for multiple times. That’s why it hits up to 30% cooler than paper.   

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